About Biliran


The Philippine archipelago is dotted with numerous tiny islands, some of which remain largely undiscovered by travelers due to distance or lack of information. Several of these beautiful but little known islands can be found in the Visayas. Biliran Island, a young province, lies between Northern Leyte and Eastern Samar.

Biliran comprises eight towns: Kawayan, Almeria, Naval, Biliran, Culaba, Caibiran, Cabucgayan, and Maripipi, with Naval as the capital town. The province thrives mainly on the fishing and seaport industry. Most of its towns like Naval and Biliran are considered as excellent ports and are often the gateway to further destinations within the Visayas and even the Mindanao region.


Biliran is bounded on the north by the Samar Sea; on the east by Western Samar; on the west by Visayan Sea ; and on the south by Carigara Bay. It occupies a land area of 555.42 sq. km.

Biliran’s topography ranges from slightly flat to gently rolling terrain. It has coastal lowlands with a mountainous interior except for the municipalities of Naval and Caibiran. Mountain ranges occupy the major portion of the island municipality of Maripipi.


The province is composed of eight towns. Capital is Naval.


Biliran Island does not experience a prolonged dry season. It has very pronounced rainfall during December, which subsides in January, and minimum rainfall in April.


As of the May 2000 census, the provincial population was 140,274.


Cebuano and Waray-waray are the major dialects spoken.


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