Getting There

Biliran is an island province located on the eastern part of the Visayas group of island. The province belongs to Region VIII, the Eastern Visayas Region. It lies with the geographic coordinates between latitude 11° 28’00” to 11° 50’00” and longitude 124°37’00”, It is bounded on the south by Caragara Bay, Samar Sea on the east, North by the Visayas Sea and the strait of Biliran on the West.

DZR Airport, Tacloban City, Leyte

Major Carriers serve direct Manila-Tacloban flight twice a day. From Tacloban City, aircon shuttle vans and ordinary fare buses are available in going to Naval, capital of Biliran Province.

Mactan International Airport, Mactan, Cebu

Nearest international airport, also serves direct flight from Manila. From Cebu City, fast crafts are available daily to Ormoc City, where aircon shuttle vans connect the trip to Naval, Direct voyage to Naval is available 3 times a week.

The fare for the Naval to Ormoc route and vice versa is 130 pesos.

Aircon Shuttle Vans/Buses

Serve the Naval – Tacloban City and Naval – Ormoc City routes. Naval – Manila route is served by several major bus lines.

Shipping Lines

Provide direct voyage from Naval to Cebu City. Ordinary fare, tourist and cabin accomodations are available.


Best and fastest way to Biliran? Cost? Travel time?

The fastest way to get to Biliran is to book a flight to Tacloban(TAC). Buses ply the Tacloban to Naval route (Naval is the capital town) but vans are faster, taking just over 2 hours; fare: 150php for Duptors-190php.