Sambawan Island


Far from the crowd of busy resorts, Sambawan lets you enjoy an island as it is – a stroll in the beach, a dip in the clear blue sea, a hike in the hills, or just take on the vista of a tropical paradise on its highest vantage point.

Sambawan Dive Camp and Beach Resort is a string of four islets which are as if haphazardly strewn on the blue sea. Its irregular shape adds to its uniqueness, the larger islet boasts a strip of white beach on the leeward side, and is connected by a rocky bridge to the smaller islets accessible only during low tides. A series of steps lead to a viewing deck on its peak. The island is located at the coordinates 11°45’57.53″N and 124°15’48.82″E southwest of Maripipi, an island municipality to where it belongs and one of the 8 towns of Biliran province. A SeaKnight expedition established the presence of Buga and Puntod reefs adjacent to the island. Sightings of dolphins, manta rays, sharks and a variety of fishes have been reported.

It is 15-20 minutes by motorboat ride from Brgy. Ol-og, the nearest jump-off point from the town, it is also 30-45 minutes from the port of the nearby town of Kawayan, and 1-1.5 hours from the port of Naval, the provincial capital.