Citizen's Charter


Provincial Government of Biliran


IN 2032, we envision the Province of Biliran anchored on sustainable agriculture and tourism industries in Eastern Visayas with God-loving, healthy, educated and empowered citizens living in a peaceful, resilient, and progressive economy within a technologically competent and ecologically balanced community united in a proactive, responsive, transparent and participative governance.


To empower Biliranon through the provision of Social Services and Economic opportunities.


We, the Officials and Employees of the Provincial Government of Biliran committed to:

S – serve you promptly, efficiently and with utmost courtesy by authorized personnel with proper identification from Mondays to Fridays, 08:00 am – 05:00 pm . . . with a SMILE;

E – ensure strict compliance and adherence to service standards, with written explanation for delays in frontline services;

R – respond to your computer about services and addressed the some soonest possible time or within the day through our compliant and assistance desk and take corrective measures;

V – value every citizen’s feedback, suggestions and priority needs such as the differently -able, pregnant women, and the elderly; and

E – empower the public through 8/5 access to information on our policy directions, programs, thrusts, activities, and core services.

ALL this we pledge, that piece of mind in delivery of services is yours to enjoy because YOU deserve to be trusted with.


Citizen's Charter

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